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Lana Del Rey~Ride by Comicbookguy54321
Lana Del Rey~Ride
"I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I've got a war in my mind
So, I just ride, just ride,
I just ride, just ride"

Ride is my favourite music video by Lana Del Rey :) I wanted to try something different and do a completely digital drawing of Lana! Normally I would do a drawing in pencil, ink it, scan it on to the computer and then colour it using my mouse and laptop but this time around I did it from scratch with no pencil work as a bases :) I also decided to do it a bit more minimalist only using 3 colours (black,red and grey) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and might do some more later on :D

Hope you like :D
DC Trinity by Comicbookguy54321
DC Trinity
DC Trinity based on Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck from the upcoming Batman VS Superman film :D

I'm not to happy with how the Henry Cavill likeness but I'm pleased with the other 2 :) I brightened their costumes especially Wonder Womans :D 

Hope you like :)
Black Widow Evolution by Comicbookguy54321
Black Widow Evolution
Black Widow from Iron Man 2 (2010) The Avengers (2012) and Captain America-The Winter Soldier (2014) Just an idea I had to draw the progression of Black Widows costumes over the years played by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson :) I'm happy with how it turned out except for the middle one who I don't think resembles ScarJo that well XD
Bat Villains~Part 2 by Comicbookguy54321
Bat Villains~Part 2
So these are a few quick sketches I did of different Batman is also somewhat a fan cast cause I based each character on a certain actor :) (Smile)

Poison Ivy~As most of you know Poison Ivy is my fav Bat Villain! For her I chose Lana Del Rey (who I am obsessed with!) You might be thinking "She's not an actress but a singer" however she CAN act! Due to my obsession I've watched almost every Youtube vid of LDR and I came across a short film called Poolside where she plays a rich and snobby kid and is a seductress type character. So I know for a fact that she can act! She also did a good job in her own film Tropico! She can play the seductress and also has the 50s glamour look about her!

Harley Quinn~For Harley Quinn I chose an actress who is currently playing another DC character in the upcoming Suicide Squad film! Cara Delivingne! She's young, sexy, quirky and a lil crazy! All aspects of Harleys personality! She also has a very child like quality to her which is someone Harley also has! As opposed to the Joker I wanted Harley to have a makeup look to her as she hasn't been affected by chemicals so she wears makeup...I wanted it to look not that well applied and took inspiration from Jane Hudson from the film "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)"

Catwoman~Catwoman is arguably one of the most famous females in  the Bat mythos! I've always liked the cat and mouse/sexual tension between Selina and Bruce and I thought and actress who could pull that off would be Zoe Saldana! She is an amazing actress (I recently watched her in the Rosemarys Baby remake and WOW although the miniseries wasn't that great her acting was brilliant!) She can also pull of Selina's socialite status in Gothem :) And it doesn't hurt that she is very good looking :D
Batman Villains~Part 1 by Comicbookguy54321
Batman Villains~Part 1
So these are a few quick sketches I did of different Batman is also somewhat a fan cast cause I based each character on a certain actor :)

Joker~I based him on Robert Knepper who has always been my first choice as the Joker! I like my Joker older like he is in the comics! As much as Heath Ledgers Joker was amazing, he wasn't very true to the comics which is why my fav Joker will always be Jack Nicholson :D and if anyone has watched Prison Break you will know Robert Knepper has what it takes to pull the Joker off :)

Riddler~For the Riddler I went with actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I think he could definitely pull off the Riddler and has proved he can pull off a villain role in Game Of Thrones! I've always liked my Riddler with auburn hair as opposed to brown hair and it seems he is being colored that way in the comics at the moment :D I also chose his leotard costume as opposed to his suit look just because I like it more :)

Two Face~ I always like to utilize different race groups for characters as I feel we are lacking diversity in a big way! Which is why for Harvey Dent I chose Taye Diggs :) He is a really good actor and one of the reasons I chose him is he can play the guy everyone likes and also the asshole everyone hates in just a matter of seconds which is what I think the character of Two  Face is all about :)

Mr Freeze~For Mister Freeze I went with Mark Strong :) he is an amazing actor and plays a very believable villain! (He made an               amazing 
Lord Henry Blackwood and Sinestro..he was in fact one of the only good things about Green Lantern!) For Mr Freeze I wanted to redesign his suit as in my version his cryogenic accident affects his internal organs and not his external ones  such as skin etc, so there was no need for the dome helmet. His breathing apparatus helps strengthen his lungs and his device attached to his head runs down his spine and injects his spinal chord with his cryogenic formula lowering his body temperature :)

Hope you like :)



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Nicholas Patrick Holmes
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I live and breathe art! I am obsessed with comics and horror movies! Live life to the fullest! I have the best family and friends anyone could ask for :D Proudly South African!
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I was watching TV the other day and Superman VS The Elite was on and it got me thinking "What are my top picks for animated films?" So I decided to make a list and I thought I would share it with you guys....I'll do it in order and I will give a pro and a con for each film :) Obviously there will be plenty more DC films than Marvel films seeing as Marvel is ahead of the game when it comes to live-action, DC is ahead of the game with animated films :) If a film is split in 2 parts it will be considered one entry on this list :)

10) Wonder Woman (2009)- This film didn't actually do that well which is why it never got a sequel and the Batgirl-Year One film got       cancelled
      *Pros-As a mythology buff I loved the references to Greek Myths and Alfred Molina was an awesome choice for Ares :D
      *Cons- At times it felt like an episode opposed to a film.
9) Green Lantern~First Flight (2009)-First animated film featuring GL and still one of my favs!
    *Pros-I loved the cop thriller in space feel, and the fact that most of the film was set in space! I loved the characterization of           Boodikka :D
    *Cons-I would of had a common threat for both Hal and Sinestro and kept Sinestro as the main villain for a sequel.

8) Hulk VS (2009)-I love both Hulk VS Thor and Hulk VS Wolverine, but VS Thor is still my fav :)
    *Pros-I loved the stories and the animation was some of the best from Mavel.
    *Cons- There should of been more films and Marvel didn't keep it up with their following films!

7)Batman~Mask Of The Phantasm (1993)-This was the film that started it all! If it weren't for this film I doubt DC would of pushed      out some of the other films on this list!
   *Pros-The storyline was brilliant and original and like I said it started it all!
   *Cons-To todays standards the art isn't that great but thats understandable. I would of liked some more characters from Batman      TAS incorporated into the film.

6) Superman/Batman~Apocalypse (2010)-The sequel to Superman/Batman-Public Enemies, this film had the right mix of everything!
    *Pros-I loved Supergirl in this film (I'm not a huge Kara fan so thats saying something), the fight scene in Smallville was amazing         and I loved the scenes on Apokolips and Themyscira :)
     *Darkseid wasn't that great in this film, also some scenes felt out of place, Kara and Clark going shopping for example.

5) Justice League~The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)- I can't say anything besides I loved this film!
    *Pros-This was pretty faithful to the comic and the maturity and characters were something I loved!!
    *Cons-I didn't like some of the choices for voice cast also the character designs were a bit strange, something about the body           proportions was off... 

4) Batman~Under The Red Hood (2010)-This was largely considered the best Batman animated film until a more recent one came         along!
    *Pros-This film was one of the rare animated features that improved on the actual comic! It changed some things form Under The       Hood (the comic on which it is based) for the better and the emotional storyline was brilliant :D
    *Cons-Least favourite thing about this film was John DiMaggio as The Joker, probably because Mark Hamill will always be my               number 1 Joker, also the characterization of Ras Al Ghul was something I didn't like, and it made him seem almost sympathetic         (which totally characteristic for The Demons Head! He has that name for a reason) 

3) JLA-War (2014) One of my absolute all time fav Justice League films!
   *Pros- This film had the right mix of action,humor,excitement etc, could be translated straight to live action and it would be               amazing Darkseid was amazing and the fight scenes were so epic!
     *Cons- Only con is I would of preferred Aquaman instead of Shazam.

2) Batman Beyond~Return Of The Joker (2000)-I LOVED this film as a child and I still can watch it to this day without getting bored!
    *Pros-MARK HAMILL! Obviously lol also loved the dark tone to this had some really creepy parts and I loved the whole thriller     feel to it!

1!!!) Batman~The Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2 (2012 & 2013) -Considered by almost every one to be the best animated                Batman film to date! And I agree 100%
       *Pros-EVERYTHING! This film has such an epicness about it! It is cleverly written and is on par with the graphic novel it is                based on (which has been voted the best Batman graphic novel by countless amounts of people) This film just has                        everything...the story, the animation is beautiful and the score is just epic...I can't praise these films more
        *Cons-My opinion none!!

So there you have it! My list of my top 10 animated films from Marvel and DC :) Would love to hear your thoughts and also what your favourites are :D :batman: :batman: :batman: :batman:

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